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Canadian Non-Fiction (gr 4-7)

Hi-Lo Series - The Outdoors - Reading level 3-5, Interest 4-7See more
Biography - Elementary - Canadian / non-CanadianSee more
Larger Than Life Biography Series - Ages 9-12 - (Biographies)See more
Time Travel Guide (series) Ages - 8-12 (Places / Travel / History)See more
Art History / AppreciationSee more
The Kids Activist SeriesSee more
Holocaust Rememberence Series for Young ReadersSee more
Firefly Animal Series by Nicole Jane SweeneySee more
Explore wtih Sam and Crystal SeriesSee more
Medicine Wheel Education - Ages 7 and upSee more
Canadian Series - nonfiction - Understanding Canadian Government and Citizenship (Grades 4-6)See more
Orca Series - Orca Wild Series (non-fiction, Ages 9-12)See more
Canadian Series - Non-Fiction - CitizenkidSee more
Orca Series - Origins - non-Fiction (Ages 9-12)See more
Orca Series - Footprints - non-fiction (Ages 9-12)See more
Great Canadian Road Trip (Reading Level Grades 3-6)See more
To Be Canadian (Reading Level Grades 2-4)See more
New Series! Black History in Canada (Reading Level Grades 4-6)See more
New Series! Explorers of Canada (Reading Level Grades 4-6)See more
Canadian Science: Technology and Sustainability (Reading Level Grades 5-6)See more
Welcome to British North America (Grades 5-6)See more
Welcome to New France (Grades 5-6)See more