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What are the Canlit Gold List Selections all about?

The Canlit Gold List Selections program started in 2019 to help students and teachers identify “not-to-be-missed” Canadian materials in their libraries. These books have been deemed by our contributors, educators, and reviewers as “highly recommended” for school libraries and are worth a second look.
Many quality books get passed by in favour of more enticing covers, flashy trends, or for the popular series that students are already familiar with. The “Gold List Selection” sticker is an additional tool to help students identify books in their library which they will most likely enjoy, and will help to expand upon their reading choices. For teachers and library staff, the stickers offer a quick visual cue for quality-reviewed materials that help with the selection process when pressed for time.
There are different reasons in each case for the placement of a Gold List sticker on the cover of one of our books. The following is a list of criteria we consider when making our selections:

  • Relevance to classroom and experienced-based learning
  • Sheds light on a little-known part of Canadian history, a Canadian personality, or a piece of Canadian geography
  • Champions virtues which we can all value as human beings
  • Offers new perspectives on an undervalued or under-represented part of Canadian society
  • Expands our ability to feel compassion and empathy for others, especially towards marginalized members of the community